Solid State

Solid State is Julia Nusbaum, Tyler Duvall, Britton Daniel, and Matt Service.  Solid State is Julia's brainchild, but it has taken on a life of its own.  After a long hiatus from the Portland music scene, Julia brought together her fellow teachers, Tyler and Britton, to see what might happen.  Tyler brought Matt along, and one sunny Sunday afternoon, Solid State was born. 

Most recently, Tyler and Matt have rocked the NoPo music scene as the Goliards, a free form jazzy jam band, playing regularly at Mississippi Pizza and other joints around town while Britton's band, the Dopeness, made their mark around Portland with a sound heavily influenced by the B-52s and the Talking Heads.  Julia brings more than 20 years of vocal experience to the band having been in more than half a dozen bands through the 90's.

As Solid State, the band works collaboratively to create songs.  "Everybody brings something to the table," says Julia, "and it's totally freeing to make music this way."  

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